Biking in San Francisco

Embarking on a bike tour from San Francisco to Sausalito offers a remarkable experience, traversing through iconic landmarks and breathtaking sceneries.

Start your journey at Fisherman’s Wharf and make your way along the National Park Bike Path, passing through Aquatic Park, Fort Mason, the scenic Marina, and the verdant Presidio National Park.

Tip: The climb from the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge to the top is very steep. Consider renting an electric bike for an easier ride, especially if you're not used to steep inclines.

San Francisco Bike tourThe route takes you through Crissy Field, offering stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge. As you bike across the bridge, enjoy the breathtaking views of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz, and Angel Island.

On the bridge, cyclists often use the west sidewalk, which provides a more unobstructed path, especially on weekends and holidays​.

Biking over Golden Gate Bridge After the exhilarating 1.7-mile (2.74 km) ride over the Golden Gate Bridge, descend into the picturesque town of Sausalito. This charming coastal town is known for its sunny weather, unique shops, art galleries, and waterfront dining, providing a perfect backdrop to relax after your ride​​.

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From Sausalito, you can either take the ferry back to San Francisco, which is included in many tour prices, or continue exploring the serene bike trails in Marin County. The ferry drops passengers off at Fisherman's Wharf, making it a convenient return option.

Tip: Ferries back to San Francisco can be crowded, especially during peak seasons and weekends. Arriving early can help secure a spot for your bike, or be prepared to wait for the next available ferry.

Fisherman's Wharf

Fishermans Wharf Sign - Wikipedia Begin your journey at Fisherman's Wharf, bustling with historic waterfront, lively atmosphere, and myriad dining and shopping options. Attractions like the Aquarium of the Bay, sea lions at Pier 39, and historical ships enhance this tourist favorite. Enjoy classic seafood dishes and San Francisco specialties like sourdough bread bowls and Ghirardelli chocolates.

National Park Bike Path

The National Park Bike Path offers a scenic ride along the waterfront, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, featuring outdoor activities and educational opportunities.

Aquatic Park

Adjacent to Fisherman's Wharf, Aquatic Park provides a serene escape with its beach and historic Maritime Museum. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy the maritime heritage and panoramic views of the bay.

Fort Mason

San Francisco Fort MasonFort Mason, a former military base now a cultural center, houses arts organizations and hosts events and exhibitions, reflecting San Francisco's vibrant cultural scene.

Marina District

Cycle through the Marina District to see trendy boutiques and cafes amidst stunning Art Deco homes, with picturesque views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Presidio National Park

The Presidio, a historic army base turned national park, offers over 24 miles of biking trails amid forests, beaches, and scenic overlooks, enriching your ride with its natural and historical splendor.


Sausalito CA Descend into Sausalito after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Known for its artsy vibe, boutique shopping, and waterfront dining, Sausalito offers a relaxing atmosphere and stunning natural beauty.

The Ferry Back to San Francisco

Ferry from Sausalito Conclude your tour with a ferry ride from Sausalito back to San Francisco, enjoying the bay and city skyline views. This relaxing return provides a fresh perspective on the city’s scenic beauty.