Disneyland - StartWars Land - EntranceThe Disney resort is practically in my backyard. My family and I love to spend a whole day or just a few hours at the Disney parks. Throughout the years we learned a lot about the parks and attractions that we like to share with you.

The newest addition to Disneyland is Star Wars - Galaxy’s Edge, a land dedicated to everything Star Wars.

Star Wars Land at Disneyland was both amazing and disappointing at the same time. I loved walking around in this otherworldly town on the planet Batuu.

The Black Spire Outpost is a town with an intriguing mix of ultra-modern and ancient. You can find spaceships parked near cantinas or old-fashioned bazaars. From this town, you can also board the Millennium Falcon and go on a smuggling run.

But after doing that and soaking the atmosphere of being inside the Star Wars movie, there was nothing left to do except indulge in buying trinkets or food.

Disneyland has plans to open a new ride at Galaxy’s Edge in January of 2020. “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” will put the riders right in the middle of a battle between the Storm Troopers and the Resistance.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Disneyland - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Millennium FalconBefore you get on the Millennium Falcon, the queue goes through a shipyard where spaceships are being repaired. The riders are kept entertained with animatronics issuing warnings about mishaps and impending explosions.

Along the way, there are devices and blinking lights that tempt you to touch, but nothing happens. Disney could have made this part more interactive. It would have been nice if when you push a button or pull a lever, you get some reaction.

Note: The lines were very reasonable when we went in September of 2019. But on days with long lines, you can go through the single rider line (Fastpass is not operational yet).

As you enter the ride area, you will get a colored card with your job assignment. Available jobs are Pilot-left, Pilot-right, two gunners and two engineers.

Disneyland - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge FighterIn my opinion, the most fun job is for the right-side pilot. This pilot is responsible for moving the ship up or down and for engaging the hyperspace engines. If you already tried a job in a previous ride you can ask for a different one on your next.

The ride is awesome and worth the wait. It is similar to Star-Tours because is a flight simulator with a Star Wars theme, but the action in this new ride felt more real. Because I was busy piloting the ship, I forgot that I am in a flight-sim.

As a left-pilot, I had control over the ship’s movement sideways (left or right). My daughter was the right-pilot, and she had much more fun moving the Falcon up and down and taking us through hyperspace when needed.

My gunner wife did not fare so well. The buttons were confusing and the job was tedious. I Disneyland - Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Shipyardfeel even more sorry for the engineers in the last row. They almost had nothing to do.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

This ride will be ready in January 2020 and will be the longest ride at Disneyland. The attraction will put guests into the middle of the battle between the First Order and the Resistance and could last up to 26 minutes.

The ride will have four different experiences with characters from the Star Wars movies appearing throughout the adventure. More when the ride opens.