nullThis is a tribute show that showcases the most popular MJ songs. The show is performed in the Crown Theater at Rio Las Vegas.

I went to the show with my wife and two teens and was very skeptical that we will enjoy it for two reasons. First I was worried that my teen daughters will not relate to Michael Jackson’s pop music. Second I didn’t expect anyone to be able to perform MJ’s songs the way he did.

I was pleasantly surprised on both counts. The main performer “Justin Dean” and his supporting dancers were actually very good. He spent the next hour dancing, jumping, moon-walking and singing – almost non-stop. 

His voice was good, but you can’t really compare it to the original. His dancing was energetic and loud. He performed many of the most popular MJ songs like: Bad, Billie Jean, Beat It, Dangerous, Smooth Criminal, Black & White, I Want You Back, Thriller and Man in the Mirror. My favorites were Thriller and Billie Jean.

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nullMy second surprise was that my daughters enjoyed the show. In the past when I tried to play Michael Jackson songs they always objected. They liked the dancing, lighting effects, fog and loud music more than the actual songs.

The theater itself was very good. The seats are arranged in a circular pattern around the stage. Every seat is comfortable. The walls surrounding the theater come to live with images and colors to match the mood of the performance. 

When booking the show, ask for the Golden Circle. Box office price is $62 but you can get it for around $30 with discounts like Groupon. 

Tip: If you get the Golden Circle tickets and if the usher likes you, you may end up in the table seats. They are the closest to the stage and you get your own table for drinks.

The show is very appropriate for all ages. The only questionable act was the excessive crotch grabbing towards the end. I know that this was one of Michael Jackson’s signature moves, but Justin really overdid it.

Other than that, we really enjoyed the show and I do recommend it to all Michael Jackson’s fans. 

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