Michael Jackson Tribute Show at Crown Theater, Las VegasThis tribute show in Las Vegas celebrates Michael Jackson's most popular songs. Performances take place at Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas.

I attended the show with my wife and two teenage daughters. Initially, I was skeptical about our enjoyment for two reasons: firstly, I doubted my daughters would appreciate Michael Jackson's pop music; secondly, I was uncertain if anyone could match MJ's iconic performances.

However, the show was a delightful surprise. The lead performer, Justin Dean, along with his dancers, delivered an impressive performance. He spent the next hour energetically dancing, jumping, and moon-walking, while singing non-stop.

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While his voice was commendable, it naturally fell short of the original. His dance routines were energetic and spirited.

The set list included major hits like "Bad," "Billie Jean," "Beat It," "Dangerous," "Smooth Criminal," "Black & White," "I Want You Back," "Thriller," and "Man in the Mirror," with "Thriller" and "Billie Jean" being standout performances.

Dynamic Michael Jackson Live PerformanceMy second surprise was how much my daughters enjoyed the show. Although they previously resisted his music, they were captivated by the dancing, lighting, and overall production.

The theater's design is superb, with circular seating that ensures a good view from every angle. Vivid images and colors that reflect the show's mood enhance the ambiance.

When booking, consider the VIP section. Tickets normally cost from $50 to $70, but discounts such as those from Groupon can reduce the price to around $30.

Tip: Opting for VIP tickets may lead to a chance upgrade to table seats by the ushers, which are closest to the stage and come with a table for drinks.

The performance is suitable for all ages, though it includes Michael Jackson's notorious crotch-grabbing moves, which were somewhat exaggerated by the impersonator.

I highly recommend this show to any fan of Michael Jackson; it's a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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