Rock of Ages show sceneThis show is undoubtedly one of the finest Las Vegas has offered in a long while. Spanning two hours, 'Rock of Ages' delivers an exhilarating experience that leaves you yearning for more.

The performance is a vibrant homage to the 80's music and cultural scene, featuring an impressively designed stage, sophisticated lighting, and sound effects. The backdrop changes dynamically to suit the scenes or songs, complemented by large screens playing relevant clips or visual effects.

Rock of Ages musical performanceThe plot centers on a young couple who find each other on Sunset Strip and fall in love, set against the backdrop of 80’s rock, Hollywood dreams, and a nefarious scheme to revamp the Strip.

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The cast delivers outstanding performances, with powerful vocals that dominate the theater. The live band adds to the electrifying atmosphere, with the audience actively participating by singing along and waving light torches to the rhythm of the music.

Highlights include renditions of “Come on Feel the Noise,” "Here I Go Again," and "Oh Sherrie." Despite its crude humor and suggestive elements, the show remains suitable for audiences aged 13 and up.

Rock of Ages show momentUnlike the 2012 movie, which didn’t garner much popularity, Rock of Ages in Las Vegas captures the essence of the original theme and enhances it significantly. I highly recommend Rock of Ages to all music enthusiasts.

Located in the Rio Resort, the venue adds to the experience. Guests can explore the Grand Canal Shops, enjoy a drink at the bars, or dine at one of the premium restaurants either before or after the show.

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The show closed on January 1, 2018. There is talk about reopening it at the Start, but no definite date set yet.