Oak Canyon nature center - AnaheimOak Canyon Nature Center is located in the Anaheim Hills area. It is a hidden nature sanctuary in the middle of urban development.

The center has many hiking trails with varying difficulties. They range from easy to moderate. A year-round stream meanders through the park and crosses many of the trails.

Check out more details and directions at www.anaheim.net/ocnc.

Look for "Outreach Programs" - Those are basically interpreted nature walks. A park ranger will guide you through some of the trails while providing useful information on various topics. Those walks are a hit with the kids, especially the "Insects and other Amazing Arthropods" program.

Start your excursion by visiting the museum (Interpretive Center) where you can find examples of plant and animal life in the area, trail maps and other useful information. You can also start your "Outreach Programs" walk here.Oak Canyon Cactus

Once you are done with the nature center and the organized walks, you can start on your own adventure.  Stoll along the stream, watch the fish swimming by and then try to locate the source of the stream.

Feel like a real workout? Then start exploring the various trails. If you get lost, just follow the downhill trails and you will find your way back.

Bring lunch or snacks and have a picnic next to your favorite spot.

Trail details:

MAIN ROAD: Goes through the center of the canyon, offering the easiest hike with open views. Accessible to both strollers and wheelchairs.

STREAM TRAIL: This is also an easy trail for families with small children. It runs along the creek with a lot of shade. Listen to the sounds of waterfalls and Jaybirds along the way.

Oak Canyon CactusHERITAGE TRAIL: A paved and easy trail with benches and Gazeboes for resting. Along the way, enjoy the large variety of cactus species.

ROADRUNNER RIDGE: This is probably the most difficult trail at the center, but only moderately difficult. It runs along the top north end of the canyon. Once you get to the top you are rewarded with great views of the whole canyon. You need about half an hour to make the full loop.

More trail information.

Oak Canyon Nature Center

6700 E. Walnut Canyon Rd
Anaheim, CA
Phone: (714) 998-8380


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